Being Smart is Overrated

It’s not that it’s bad to be smart. I know a lot of great people, close friends, who are smart. It’s just that there’s this belief that smart equals successful. That’s just not true.

Throughout my my life I’m met some wicked smart people who are just getting by and I’ve met some who many would never use the word smart to describe, yet they successful beyond your wildest dreams.

No, it’s not smart that determines success. Though being smart may give you a head start.

I know this because I have run across many successful people and smart is not what they have in common. What they have in common is they DO things.

They create things that people need. They solve problems that others never even knew were a problem. And they get paid handsomely for this.

So you’re not smart? Big eff’ing deal! If you want to be successful, it’s not a requirement so stop letting it hold you back. Get out there and DO something!

Because Doing Something is NOT overrated!

Think I’m wrong?

  • tom

    My father once said,’Intelligent people who accomplish nothing are just ‘flake y”. But nobody sees ‘floods’ of academic scholarships coming out of ‘home school’. The higher your skill sets are reflect on effort, intelligence & making opportunities. How do ‘smart’ people make successful lives? By finding the needs of resourceful people who have the ‘need’ of the skill set. This is actually a very large list. Pharm companies need a ‘baldness’ cure, software manufacturers need ‘anti-virus’ coders, the FBI needs ‘Arabic’ criminologist
    Problem-solvers & innovators are more important now than any time in history. Maybe it should be about ‘excellence’ that fortunes are made?

  • Mark Regan

    Thanks, Tom. I couldn’t agree more that the do’ers are what drive the change in this world. Intelligence alone is not enough.